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Braintrees smBraintree’s Haunted House is a charitable organization that raises money for the Highlands Elementary and Liberty Elementary School PTOs and through these organizations the children of these schools.

Our volunteers are parents, friends and family members of students.  They also include alumni, community leaders and others who like to provide a good scare while raising money for a good cause.  All of our volunteers have a passion for putting on a good show for our guests..

We are also supported by a great number of public, private and corporate donors who provide money, products and services which help us to minimize our costs so that we can provide the maximum donation possible to the schools’ PTOs.

The PTOs fund text books, computers, class trips, teacher training, extra-curricular activities and many other things that have a direct impact on the lives of the students.

Without the gracious support and donation of businesses, individuals and the community we would not be able to continue in our efforts and support this great cause.

In 2012 we had a very tough year and were burglarized just days before our opening night.  It was a shock to us all that anyone would burglarize a charity, however, the support from the community was strong.  Thanks to the TV and Radio coverage our story was covered throughout New England and we had the lost trailers and props replaced.

This year marks our 34th anniversary and we are very proud to continue on the legacy that many volunteers before us have maintained.


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Click the link below to launch the 2013 photo album.  If you get an error on the thumbnail view, try the Slideshow view.

Mayhem at Murder Mansion


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We are currently looking for a number of items to help support the Haunted House. Donations of these items will help us put on a great show.  If you can provide any of the below items please let us know.  As people sign up to donate items, we’ll remove them from the list.

If you have any questions or want to arrange a time to drop off your donations then please email donations@braintreeshauntedhouse.com.

Donations can be dropped off at the Haunted House.  Please check the calendar under the Volunteers link to see when the Haunted House will be open for you to drop off your donations or let us know and we can make arrangements to accept your donation at another time.

The list has last been updated on July 12, 2014.

The items in this section are needed as soon as possible.

  • Large Trash Bags, 30 gallon size or larger (need a total of 80 bags)
  • Paper Towels (need a total of 12 rolls)
  • Sanitizing Cleaner Spray for Surfaces (need a total of 2 spray bottles)
  • Black fabric to make doorway curtains
  • Kitchen Stove you no longer need

The items in this section are needed no later than October 22, 2014.  

  • Paper Plates (need a total of 1000 plates)
  • Napkins (need a total of 1000 napkins)
  • Coke cans (need a total of 8 cases or 192 cans)
  • Diet Coke cans (need a total of 8 cases or 192 cans)
  • Sprite cans (need a total of 6 cases or 144 cans )
  • Bottled water, .5 liter size (need a total of 8 cases or 192 bottles)

Please note that donations made to the Haunted House are NOT tax-deductible. We are not a 501C organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Over the years we have seen many repeat questions from those interested in the Haunted House. Below are the most common questions we have been asked. If you have any questions please let us know at info@braintreeshauntedhouse.com.


Is the event wheel-chair accessible?
The haunted house is wheel-chair accessible. The entrance to the building has a wheel-chair ramp and once inside everything is on a single level. The haunted house is designed so that a wheel-chair can easily move through it.


Do you take credit cards?
We do not take credit credits at the event. All food, games and entrance tickets are cash only.


Can my children dress up to go through the Haunted House?
It is very common that on the “Not So Scary Night” that children and teenagers wear costumes to the Haunted House. It is less common, but also welcome to wear costumes on the two Scary Nights.


How is the Haunted House different on “Not So Scary” night?
During the Thursday Not So Scary night the lights are on, all the rooms are bright, actors do not wear masks and do not try to scare guests. In addition to the lights being on, we do not use strobe lights and the music and sounds are off or in some cases turned on very low in the rooms. It is a chance for those that might not go through the dark “scary” Haunted House to experience the fun.


How scary is Friday and Saturday nights? What age group is appropriate?
This is a difficult question to answer as so much is dependent on the guest. We have seen young children handle the event easily and adults have to leave mid-tour. The Friday and Saturday performances are in darkened rooms, the actors are wearing costumes and make up and they do try to scare the guests. Actors will never touch a guest; however, they may jump out from around a corner and surprise you. If your child scares easily the scary nights could be a fun time or could give them nightmares. You’ll need to use your best judgment.


What happens if it rains?
The Haunted House is an indoor event. The Haunted House tour, kitchen and games are all indoors inside a large warehouse. The parking lot is uncovered, but once you get from the car to the building you will be indoors and dry.


What is there to do at the Haunted House?
In addition to taking a tour through the Haunted House, guests can also enjoy some of the atmosphere. There is food and drink available for purchase, as well as, a number of carnival games that can be played to win prizes.


Where is the Haunted House?
We are located at 26 Plain Street in Braintree, MA.  We are a few doors down from Bay Shore Athletic Club and in the same complex as the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ Braintree office.  Click Here  for Map and Directions.


How much does it cost to get in?
On Not So Scary Night (Thursday, 10/24) the admission price is $5.00 per person. On Scary Nights (Friday, 10/25 and Saturday 10/26) the admission price is $7.00 per person. On Friday and Saturday nights only there is also a discounted re-admission price for those that want to see the Haunted House multiple times on the same night.


What are the hours?
We are open only three nights in 2013. On Thursday (10/24) we will be open from 6p-8:30p. On Friday (10/25) and Saturday (10/26) we will be open from 6p to 10p.


How long has the Haunted House been running?
The Haunted House has been operating since 1980. This year marks our 33rd Haunted House.


Is there Day Care?
There are no day care facilities at the Haunted House.


Is there food and drink?
There is food and drink for purchase at the Haunted House.


Are strobe lights in use?
On our Friday and Saturday scary nights many of the rooms do use strobe lights to add to the effect.


Do you give refunds?
All sales are final.  We do not offer refunds if you or anyone in your party is not able to complete the haunted house.


Where do I park?
There is large free parking lot outside of our building.


Do you offer group discounts?
Occasionally we get asked about groups, group discounts or hosting birthday parties at the Haunted House and we try to accommodate those requests as best we can.  If you have a group that you’d like to bring to Braintree’s Haunted House email us at info@braintreeshauntedhouse.com and we will contact you to discuss what me might be able to do in order to accommodate your request.


Can I take pictures?
Taking pictures or recording video is not permitted inside the haunted house.  Only pre-approved media sources and Braintree’s Haunted House staff are allowed to take pictures/video inside the haunted house.


How do I get involved in the Braintree Haunted House?
If you want to get involved in this charity please click on the Volunteers link for more information.


If I can’t volunteer my time, but want to help what can I do?
Braintree’s Haunted House has many needs beyond just volunteer’s time. If you wish to make a donation to the Haunted House you can visit the Donations page and see what we need and drop off those items. You can also make a donation of a gift card or cash so we can purchase items we need. You can also donate products that can be raffled off if you’d like.  For more information email donations@braintreeshauntedhouse.com.

Please note that donations made to the Haunted House are NOT tax deductible. We are not a 501C organization.


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Sign Up To Help

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The past few years we have seen our volunteer turnout drop dramatically.  For the charity to continue we need a lot more volunteers….no experience required.  Some of the things we need help with include:

  • Acting (Create scenes, Act, Scare people, Scream, etc.)
  • Games (Build games, manage games the nights we are open, etc.)
  • Kitchen (Coordinate Donations and baked goods, Staff tables, Sell food, Pop popcorn, Serve patrons, etc)
  • Publicity (Coordinate Flyers, Signs, Advertisements, newspapers and cable TV coverage, etc.)
  • Scene Decorators (Organize and layout scenes, Setup and paint scenes, Arrange props, Take down scenes, etc.)
  • Security (Crowd control, Provide directions, Organize corral, etc.)
  • Setup and Breakdown (Build Signs, Cleanup, Setup panels, Layout rooms, Paint, Electrical, Lighting, Scene setup, Build scary things, Breakdown, Cleanup, etc.)
  • Ticket Sales (Sell Tickets, Stamp hands, Greet people, etc.)
  • Vending (Sell glow necklaces and other trinkets)


Sign up to volunteer by CLICKING HERE.


If you have any questions email volunteers@braintreeshauntedhouse.com.






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This schedule is maintained on an external site and may take a few seconds to load.  Instructions on use are provided below the calendar.

The calendar defaults to the month view.  You can change it to show a daily, 3 day, weekly, two month, agenda or list view of the events by clicking on the appropriate link at the top of calendar page.  To change the time period shown, use the arrows next to the time period displayed.  To see more information about an entry click on that entry and it will enlarge in window to provide more details.  Hit close in the upper right to return to the calendar.  You can also expand the calendar options by clicking the >> shown on the top left of the page.

Thank You for Signing Up for Emails

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Thank you for signing up to receive emails from Braintree’s Haunted House.  We will be sending out emails that advise you of our progress, let you know what help we may need and other things to keep you informed.


For the most up to date information about our event, please visit our website (www.braintreeshauntedhouse.com) and our twitter feed (@BraintreeHH) regularly.


Thank you.

Thank You!

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